Acer Predator Orion 7000 PO7-640 旗艦電競桌機評價好嗎? 風扇會很吵嗎? 效能如何?
最近想升級桌上主機,想說讓玩遊戲順暢一點跟處理一些公司的文書,看到這台ACER出的電競桌上型電腦各位評價如何? 值得入手買一台嗎?

PO7-640 PTT或mobile01上面好像沒太多資料可以參考,有買過ACER這台桌機的方便提供一下感想?
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I just have a bunch of issues with my brand new PO 7000 (3080 Edition). Just want to know your experience and if I just got a \"monday-device\".

Is there any hint to unlock full BIOS potential? I did not find anything to adjust any timings, clock speeds, fan configuration. I am just disappointed to have such a powerful CPU 12900!K! and can not utilize all its capabilites.

Even in idle, the fans are quite noticable. It gets even worse on slight load. And its not just a wind sound, it is some kind of vibration noise. On heavy load, or If I enable 1 of the 2 OC Settings, it sounds like an airplane starting next to my seat. Manual Fan Setting starts at 60% rpms - which is also unbearable loud. Whats the sense behind this? Also the Fans change constantly there speed resulting in an annoying hectic volume change.

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